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a strong focus on excellent coffee


Great espresso

Our coffee

Here at Neev + May we recognise the true value of coffee, we understand that coffee is a way of life and we aim to share our expertise with our loyal customers in Ladbroke Grove and Balham.

We thrive to provide each customer with a notable coffee experience during their visit, this includes fresh roasted coffee beans which are brewed using the market’s leading equipment and produced by our talented baristas. 


Our coffee roasters, HasBean, is one of the UK's leading independent micro roasters, focused on sourcing, roasting, and delivering the finest specialty coffees from around the world. 

HasBean have been roasting our coffee with since 2012 and our house blend changes every 12 weeks allowing our customers to continually explore different tastes profiles.

The roast profile of our beans is a light to medium roast, resulting in an aromatic and delicately balanced flavour.

About Neev  May

The concept began in 2008, and was inspired by owner Sunni’s travels around New Zealand and Kenya.  He took some time out of his career to explore many growing coffee and tea regions, working in local coffee houses alongside great baristas and visiting local coffee roasters along the way.

Upon returning to London, and gaining a new passion for coffee, Sunni utilised his knowledge to create his first independent shop, Camden Coffee House, based in the heart of Camden town. 

After 12 years of successfully running his chain of coffee shops, Sunni is now a family man, and Camden Coffee house has begun the next chapter in its journey.  Inspired by the love of his two beautiful daughters, we welcome you to Neev&May

Neev and May

Our values

We are proud to be an owner run group of coffee houses around London, producing great tasting coffee and providing a personal experience to everyone that visits! 

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One founder, with a constant vision to offer his customers a bespoke coffee experience

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Competitive prices that offer all of our products at a low cost. With us, quality and service does not come at a high price

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Source the best, produce the finest and offer only the most delicious coffee to our customers

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Our passionate barista's pride themselves on making your beverage to perfection and providing an excellent service, with a smile! 

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We genuinely care about our community, showing support by sourcing all of our produce from milk, cakes, and even baristas locally!  

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Tel +44 7733 895433
Registered office:
208 Balham High road 
SW12 9BS



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